Monday, March 18, 2013

Schedule Work Workouts!

There are a few ways to get creative with adding a workout into your daily work schedule, but the trick is actually sticking to that routine! We occasionally do an afternoon Tabata-break, and more frequently go on group walk-breaks, yet rarely do either with any consistency.  Fast Company's blog recently profiled a small NY-based company that got it right - scheduling work workouts on the hour, every hour!

Yes, this seems like a lot of exercise in one work day. But, it's only a two minute break and the movements are set for each day. They claim increased productivity, team-building and overall physical fitness all-around. They rarely skip that short workout, and if/when they do, it's made up with a few extra minutes tacked on the next hour.  Employees are dedicated to it and encourage each other to keep going strong!

If you're looking for some exercises that you can do at your desk or in a small office space, here are a few of our favorite suggestions:

-Lunges or Squats
-Wall Sits
-Calf Raises
-Seated Leg-Raises

-Push-ups and/or Planks
-Side Plank
-Bicycle Crunches
- Mountain-Climbers

-Arm Circles
-Tricep Dips (with a chair, desk or table)
-Superman Holds

-Jumping Jacks

-Stair Repeats (if available in your office space)
-Stepping in place (for time intervals)

When creating a schedule aim to alternate which muscle groups are targeted. For example, you might do lunges (legs), followed by arm circles (arms) and then bicycle crunches (abs/core).

You may not be ready to add exercise to every single hour, but think about how you can get a workout into your daily schedule. Aim to develop a routine and be consistent with it - walk every day at noon, stretch every day at 2 pm, do push-ups every day at 4pm, etc. Get your coworkers involved, and make it a team effort!


For more information on some of the exercises listed above: 50 Bodyweight Exercises from
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